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A membership of around 30 volunteers

Our members come from all walks of life and span virtually all age groups, from school attendees with an interest in radio to retired folk who maybe suddenly have time on their hands.

The only enforced limits are that under 18's must have an adult present when in the studio and they cannot, except under special circumstances, do the rounds of the wards to collect requests.

One stipulation which applies to all members is that they must be involved in that most unloved of all activities - fund-raising... We are a charity and we rely on the goodwill of the public and our own efforts to keep the service going. And nobody (in theory, at least!) escapes that commitment.

Like most voluntary organisations, the amount you get out of it is directly related to the amount you put in. A minimum is required and many are happy to give much more than that. But whether a member's involvement is going round the wards collecting requests from the patients, being an assistant on someone's show (all new members wanting to present are allocated to a presenter who guides them through the process) or having a show of one's own, the feeling that you get when you play a request specially for someone who asked for it is immeasurable.

The feeling obviously goes both ways, judging by the feedback which we often receive from the patients, some of whom contact us later wishing to become members of the organisation in order to give something back themselves.

Behind the organisation is its Committee, silently (and sometimes not so silently!) doing its job of keeping the show on the road. Here, typically, the dedication and involvement is greater than usual.

But whatever type of membership is taken on, there is something very special about being part of an organisation which is constantly fighting for its survival in an ever-more-difficult marketplace and doing something which, in British broadcasting, is quite simply unique. The fact that many 'established' radio names started life as mere assistants in hospital broadcasting (including here at Choice) is testament to the solid training which our members are able to take advantage of.

This page was last updated on Monday, 09 April 2012